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Petroleum gets formed by the compression of fossil and all types of organic matter like algae/biomass/waste over millions of years. Growdiesel has developed cutting edge technologies, equipments and catalysts to do it minutes. Growdiesel is now establishing modern biorefineries to produce advanced renewable cleanfuels known as “Growdiesel NextGenFuels". These includes rCNG (a substitute for Petrol, Diesel and CNG), Growdiesel-renewable Green Premium Diesel (a substitute for conventional diesel) and renewbale JetFuel (a substitute for petroleum Aviation Turbine Fuel). The biggest USP of Growdiesel NextGenFuels is that they are Drop-in Fuels it means they can replace fossil fuels in existing engines, vehicles, equipments and entire existing petroleum infrastructure without any modifications. Use of Growdiesel NextGenFuels signifies great savings in fresh investments in designing/developing new engines/infrastructure.

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