Fossil Fuel use around the world is rising, as global population grows and more people gain access to fuel. But these fuels are limited in supply and will soon be depleted. To solve this problem Growdiesel has set an ambitious mission of “Growdiesel Mission 2030 – Fuel Independence for India“.  At Growdiesel we believe, cleanfuels can help to meet demand and reduce emissions. We are working on ways to deliver cleanfuels from sustainable sources



Growdiesel, along with its associates and joint ventures, are committed to develop world's natural capital for climate care, sustainable development and energy independence that would act as a new engine for evolution and growth of a green economy and put the world on road to prosperity in a more sustainable way. 


We are putting in place strong foundations to make Growdiesel, a safer, more trusted and more valuable organization. As part of this process we have following values that express our shared understanding of what we believe and what we aspire to be as an organization.

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Petroleum gets formed by the compression of fossil and all types of organic matter like algae/biomass/waste over millions of years. Growdiesel has developed cutting edge technologies, equipments and catalysts to do it minutes.

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